Religious Organizations

The co-founders of Gridiron Grunts have a strong and deep commitment  to their Christian faith. After all, they met in church. They would love to come speak to your organization about rising to the highest level of professional sports or harrowing tales of combat and how they saw God’s divine intervention through it all.

Non-Religious Organizations

Gridiron Grunts understands the importance of encouraging people in all types of organizations. There is a lot to be communicated to others about rising through the ranks of professional sports or sleeping in a bunker due to incessant rocket attacks. Gridiron Grunts will share their stories (with just the right amount of embellishment) in a sure fire method for getting your organization motivated and excited.


Gridiron Grunts also has expertise in many areas common to professional sports, the military, and organizations like yours. They will be happy to speak to your organization about:

  • Change Management
  • Leadership
  • Organizational Analysis
  • Performance Improvement
  • Strategic Planning
  • Vision & Goal Development
  • and a variety of other topics (just ask)

Church and Office building

Religious & Non-Religious Organizations

Gridiron Grunts will be happy to serve your organization in a multitude of ways. We excel in 1.5 hour speaking engagements, but we are also available to participate in workshops, training events, men’s groups, retreats, sermons, and much more. We mostly like to tell our story, but we also have a bench stock of items we like to speak about. However, if there is something near and dear to your organization’s heart, we would love to create a customized program. Just ask!


We’re not gonna lie. You can learn a lot from the way professional sports and the military conduct day-to-day business. Have you ever thought of how the NFL analyzes their organization in preparation for draft day? What about how the military analyzes the enemy to create battle plans? We will show you how we do it so you can apply those techniques to your organization.

Additionally, we can assist your organization with the following topics:

  •  Leadership – Key attributes and characteristics that make some organizations (and people) great.
  • Organizational Analysis – Fundamental NFL analysis and Military Decision Making Process (MDMP). Yes, we will craft football plays and battle plans during this type of instruction.
  • Performance Improvement – We’re a fan of Robinson’s “Should/Is” maps.
  • Strategic Planning – We’ll walk the dog from developing objectives, developing techniques to achieve those objectives, and matching resources to carry them out. Better known to the military as  Ends, Ways, and Means.
  • Vision & Goal Development – Learn how to develop a simple vision statement with quantifiable results. Henry Ford had a great vision statement and he did pretty well.

If there is anything else you would like for us to discuss, please let us know.

quarterback in huddle

Next Steps…

Please reach out to the Gridiron Grunts team by clicking the “Let Us Hear From You” button. They will discuss a plan to visit your organization and customize your tax-deductible pricing options.

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