Religious Organizations

The co-founders of Gridiron Grunts have a strong and deep commitment  to their Christian faith. After all, they met in church. They would love to come speak to your organization about rising to the highest level of professional sports or harrowing tales of combat and how they saw God's divine intervention through it all.

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Gridiron Grunts also has expertise in many areas common to professional sports, the military, and organizations like yours. They will be happy to speak to your organization about:

  • Change Management
  • Leadership
  • Organizational Analysis
  • Performance Improvement
  • Strategic Planning
  • Vision & Goal Development
  • and a variety of other topics (just ask)


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Commitment to Community

Gridiron Grunts share a burden for those less fortunate in their community. Therefore, a portion of their speaking fee goes directly into one of three types of charitable organizations:

  • Veterans Groups (Helping those who have or are currently serving our nation’s military and their families)
  • Sports and Activities (Helping those who do not have opportunities to play organized sports or participate in other activities)
  • Religious Tolerance (Helping organizations to bring people of different faiths together for the common good of humanity)

Your organization can choose which of these 3 types of organizations receives the portion of the speaking fee. If your company has a long-standing relationship with another charitable organization or are not comfortable with one of ours, the Gridiron Grunts will gladly make a donation to whomever you choose.

Our Purpose

Gridiron Grunts, Inc. is a non-profit, motivational and educational organization. We are committed to bringing stories of inspiration, encouragement and leadership to your organization.

We do this by pairing professional athletes and military veterans to speak to both religious and non-religious organizations. Few professions (that we can think of anyway) have as many great stories to tell as professional athletes and military service members.

Whether it’s working their way through the doldrums of collegiate sports and arriving on the national stage, or harrowing tales of combat, our speakers will inspire and encourage. Furthermore, since both athletes and military members have been exposed to numerous coaches and commanders, they know a thing or two about the leadership traits that make some outstanding.


Next Steps...

Please reach out to the Gridiron Grunts team by clicking the "Let Us Hear From You" button. They will discuss a plan to visit your organization and customize your tax-deductible pricing options.